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Smarter success stories

Technology doesn't change the world, people do. Meet the world's researchers, pioneers, and visionaries who use smarter technology to transform the way we work and live.


Customer Stories

In every industry, at every scale, everywhere in the world, we put smarter technology into the hands of people who are solving humanity's greatest challenges.



From agriculture to animations, genomics research to government, we are proud to enable our customers to push the boundaries of what smarter technology can do.


Products & Services

Supercomputers, smart home devices, IoT, scalable infrastructure. We deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to power our customer's intelligent transformation.

Smarter in focus

Learn how our customers - from small business to enterprise - are using Lenovo’s end-to-end solutions to solve some of the world's greatest challenges.
Dallas Cowboys

Media and Entertainment

Cowboys in the Digital Saddle

Group of people from 321 Coffee


Helping people with disabilities build careers

Lady in healthcare


Shaping more sustainable IT procurement

Nascar driver


Driving Success with Lenovo

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Training the next generation of data scientists. Keeping production running around the clock. Smarter blurs the boundaries Harnessing smart factory solutions to build electric vehicles. Launching next-generation banking services on a flexible hyperconverged infrastructure. Keeping lines of communication open with cloud services. Building a new HPC cluster for cutting edge projects. Building a cloud hospital model for smarter healthcare at scale. Sprinting ahead of competitors with data driven insight into sportwear trends. Sustaining impressive growth rates with highly available, targeted banking services. Empowering employees to work anytime, anywhere with GPU-accelerated virtual workstations. Smarter transforms the workplace Growing into an international business with a powerful hybrid cloud platform for SAP S/4HANA. Pioneering green energy technology with an ultra-reliable IT platform Keeping vital healthcare services running with remote connectivity. Driving double-digit business growth with an innovative cloud offering. Helping clients do better business in the cloud. Business enablement powered by Azure Stack hyperconverged infrastructure. Smarter thrives in outer space. Protecting Hefei’s natural beauty with big data insights. Enabling business transformation in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Delivering outstanding visitor experiences. Powering groundbreaking plant genomics research. Delivering better student and staff services at 60% lower cost. Mitigating the impact of extreme weather. Developing breakthrough medical treatments. Delivering high-quality food products on time, every time. Making tax easier, faster, and more convenient. Delivering A-grade services for teachers and students. Bringing high-quality care to China’s rural populations. Textiles manufacturer protects critical data and delivers key insights to decision makers faster. Boosting productivity to deliver outstanding service to hotel guests. Advancing research with a liquid-cooled supercomputer. Modernizing IT to capture new business opportunities. Delivering personalized diagnostic testing and medical treatment. Building a reputation as a global research center. Building the cities of the future. Smarter keeps digital and in-branch banking services running smoothly. Deepening our understanding of the universe. Driving digital services to enhance patient outcomes. Combining biotechnology with high-performance computing to advance research on crop genetics and breeding. Building greener businesses with AI. Supporting students both on and off campus. Protecting mission-critical financial services 24/7. Enabling gold-standard healthcare services. Streamlining the patient experience from end-to-end. Supporting the shift from print to digital media. Using Lenovo data center solutions to underpin banking services. Gaining an edge over competitors in the securities industry with agile IT. Opening the door to greater efficiency with streamlined IT. Helping SMEs embark on their journey to the cloud. Expanding knowledge with high-performance computing in the cloud. Ramping up manufacturing without compromising on quality. Empowering global teams to capture emerging fashion trends. Developing next-generation manufacturing operations. Seizing a greater share of the rapidly expanding pharmaceutical market. Training the next generation of IT experts. Keeping Quito’s citizens moving with new public transport options. Putting sales and service teams in the driving seat with high-performance systems. Helping businesses and consumers thrive with cutting-edge banking services. Strengthening tax administration with cutting-edge technologies. Smart hospital lifts patient services to new heights.. Keeping China connected throughout the pandemic with world-class audio technology. Powering a multinational conglomerate with high-availability IT infrastructure. Building customizable server solutions that deliver high performance at low prices. Keeping premium beer flowing to meet global demand. Keeping citizens safe throughout a global pandemic by leveraging AI technology. Smarter mobility overcomes challenges. Helping businesses harness the power of cloud computing. Pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Smarter enables seamless Remote Learning Experiences. Smarter connects the factory floor to the enterprise. Delivering always-on access to vital healthcare systems. Increasing the prosperity of local businesses and citizens. Building a high-performance, future-ready IT foundation for international growth. Improving the health of IT operations to deliver exceptional membership services. Smarter modernizes insurance sales with light, flexible laptops Kick-starting innovation with research collaborations to launch edge cloud services. techsomed lenovo case study Strong partnership delivers IT innovations and creates new business. Keeping critical corporate services running efficiently. Helping a Quebec business maintain its position as one of Canada’s leading specialist manufacturers. Empowering Austrian farmers and municipalities to build a more sustainable future. Building a scalable digital platform for business growth. Providing a seamless, efficient managed environment for customers with Azure Stack HCI. Pivoting to remote work to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Ramping up for global business growth to power the renewable energy revolution. Smarter keeps education on track Fitting out the factory floor with robust edge servers. Empowering students to learn. Smarter delivers grade-A student services Building the smart manufacturing facility of the future. Connecting southern Peru with the rest of the world. Offering trusted hybrid cloud services. Accelerating software development with all-flash storage. Delivering value-added student services with always-on hyperconverged infrastructure from Lenovo. Harnessing Lenovo infrastructure to bring value-added digital services to market faster. Supporting large-scale manufacturing operations with an agile infrastructure. Smarter builds an online future for Brazilian education. Accelerating the adoption of remote working in automotive design. Cultivating global leadership in orchids and tropical plants with IoT-powered automation. Ensuring zero disruption to the production of vital pharmaceutical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic. Tackling antibiotic resistance with AI-powered livestock health management. Supporting industry-leading manufacturing with a seamless SAP HANA migration project. Combining cloud-like flexibility with cost-efficiency and control. Building innovative security services to help start-ups protect data and focus on growth. Staying a step ahead of global competitors by accelerating innovation. Delivering first-class patient care with a resilient hyperconverged infrastructure. BSC Captioned updated Smarter enhances learning with virtual reality Supporting billion-dollar business operations with a platform purpose-built for running demanding SAP HANA workloads. Accelerating pioneering pharmaceutical research and development with a high-performance, high-availability IT platform. Delivering cloud-based genetic sequencing and analysis services at speed and scale, backed by Lenovo high-performance computing solutions. Supporting supply chain innovation with a powerful hyperconverged platform. Improving patient care by upgrading the infrastructure supporting critical healthcare applications. Building a robust, efficient, and agile next-generation data center. Getting fresh produce from field to fork. Supporting vital medical research and patient care with an agile, resilient hyperconverged platform. Ensuring high-quality clinical care with an IT architecture that complies with national medical data standards. Smarter enhances police investigations with rapid digital forensics Supporting trade and commerce within Southeast Asia and beyond. Powering business agility with hyperconverged infrastructure. Using Lenovo technology to help reinvent passenger and cargo transport for smart cities of the future. Enhancing the safety of air travel with AI-powered defenses against birdstrikes. Shaping greener manufacturing operations with real-time data. Helping football fans get closer to the action on and off the pitch. Supporting high-tech innovation by increasing infrastructure performance, flexibility, and scalability. Scalable IT platform empowers pharmacy chain to open new stores and connect more people with care services. Family-owned manufacturer accelerates international growth with data-driven business processes. Achieving rapid growth while boosting customer satisfaction. Gaining a game-changing competitive edge in superbike racing with ultra-fast analytics. Powering business growth and streamlining distribution with a flexible as-a-Service solution Teaming up with Lenovo to offer customers an all-in-one database appliance. Ensuring fast, non-stop access to critical healthcare systems with resilient, high-performance storage. Bringing enhanced healthcare services to rural communities using highly available IT infrastructure from Lenovo. Great customer service through technology. Pioneering the development of next-generation renewable energy technologies. Powering mission-critical services for organizations across Brazil with a hyperconverged hosting infrastructure. Supporting outstanding customer service with mission-critical systems that are available 24/7. Adopting big data analytics to help protect Gansu Province from air pollution hazards. Smarter COVID-19 testing protects the Netherlands Smarter connects students on campus and at home Smarter keeps critical care services on track Getting ready for future business challenges and hybrid cloud architectures. Extending the boundaries of weather and climate forecasting. Supporting ultra-efficient financial workflows by deploying an agile, resilient hyperconverged platform. Driving the design of stylish smart watches with Lenovo smarter infrastructure solutions. Strengthening security and enhancing productivity with a virtual desktop environment powered by Lenovo. Equipping high school students with the skills to run the factories of the future. Protecting highway toll revenues and enabling data-driven infrastructure projects with Lenovo. Supporting world-class manufacturing by boosting infrastructure performance and scalability. Supercharging the sales network by optimizing transactional performance under peak load. Optimizing workflows for cinema and TV visual effects. Empowering researchers to discover and develop new materials. Improving patient care delivery with a major infrastructure upgrade. Helping millions of Mexican travelers reach their destination. Gaining high performance and scalability for mission-critical SAP S/4HANA landscape. Accelerating access and slashing costs with virtual desktops from Lenovo and VMware. Supporting managed services with speed and simplicity. Accelerating the development of game-changing image recognition solutions. Extending investments in existing technology and building for the future with Lenovo. Taking control of information flows by unifying document management with a hybrid cloud disk solution from Lenovo. Putting a Pacific Island nation on the digital map. Increasing automation to reduce downtime in manufacturing Enabling scalability and resilience for mission-critical airport systems as passenger numbers soar. Building a greener future with leading-edge technologies. Empowering businesses to succeed with ultra-fast, secure payment services. Smarter builds a hospital of the future with the latest Lenovo technology Smarter makes virtual collaboration more human Lifting performance and scalability into the big leagues. Ready for a new era of patient care. Revolutionizing life sciences and interdisciplinary research through easy access to ultra-modern HPC cloud platform. Stepping up local government services to meet new demands. Enabling non-stop availability for a dynamic retail environment. Transforming software development efficiency to drive company growth. Developing the next generation of integrated circuits. Digging deeper into the genetic roots of disease to advance cancer research. Lifting public services to new heights. Boosting the safety and efficiency of mining operations. Accelerating state-of-the-art nuclear physics research. Increasing access to university education through online learning. Unlocking new opportunities for investors. Laying the foundation for green innovation with a reliable, scalable HCI infrastructure. Moving to a future-ready HCI platform to help global businesses boost workplace safety. Providing excellent patient care in a new, state-of-the-art hospital. Empowering healthcare providers with rapid, reliable access to medical images. Powering the restaurant of the future Getting ready to meet new healthcare needs. Putting finance, applied economics, and information management research on the fast track. Supporting a changing IT landscape with speed and simplicity.HC Networks Delivering a leading learning experience. Supporting changing working needs with a renewed virtual infrastructure. Empowering engineering teams to work efficiently, on location and remotely. Powering advertising technology at scale to drive corporate expansion. Smarter keeps learning on the cutting edge Smarter reacts fast to keep education on track Smarter puts staff and students first Leading Gansu Province into a new age of supercomputing. Samnan Holding Group Bringing exhibitions to life. Lifting cloud services to new heights of agility. Equipping students with in-demand skills using virtual desktop infrastructure from Lenovo and VMware. Enhancing critical business processes to enable world-leading manufacturing operations. Supporting world-changing research. Accelerating analysis of satellite data to support flood warning systems and save lives. Bringing enterprise-class technology within reach of all organizations. Smarter gives traiees the right tools to learn and grow" Smarter embraces new ways of learning Helping employees develop valuable skills through immersive VR experiences Empowering linguistics students and teachers with accelerated HPC performance. Creating new business opportunities with a cost-effective, next-generation cloud service. Smarter enables new business to unlock rapid commercial success. Smarter simplifies secure information management with Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks Powering safe, stable operations with a Lenovo hyperconverged infrastructure. Future-proofing IT to ensure continuity of care. Building better experiences for citizens in the cloud. Delivering IT services with a difference, backed by a dependable partner. Forging a robust IT infrastructure to support 24/7 steel production. Gaining greater scale, simplicity, and savings. Delivering technology that helps dental practices shine Treating more patients in a COVID surge Outperforming rivals to win new business Smarter inspires safe learning on leading technology and OEM solutions. Ramping up reliability while cutting costs. Fueling top performance for demanding large-scale design workloads. Bringing industrial robots to global clients Giving medical imaging data a new lease on life. Keeping vital health services on track Combining tradition with the latest tech Improving pediatric patient care Empowering people to better manage chronic conditions. Putting product development in the fast lane Helping deliver quality care in Colombia. Fueling economic growth Siemens Digital Industries Delivering 24/7 video surveillance Saving lives with high-performance computing. Mobilizing humanitarian assistance fast to serve communities in need.. Speeding ahead in the EV marketplace. SAVEL Helping customers get on the road to cloud Leading the journey to cost savings and growth Delivering 5G experiences at the edge Inside Barcelona, the 5G Smart City of the Future. Offering outstanding learning experiences in the classroom and beyond. Supercharging productivity and resiliency with a cost-efficient, powerful hyperconverged solution. Taking research further with extraordinary compute power and efficiency. Supporting India’s economy with trading for key commodities. Harnessing data to drive manufacturing excellence. Navigating dynamic financial markets with agile IT. Keeping global manufacturing operations on track. Delivering financial inclusion through fast, reliable in-branch and mobile banking. Shaping the self-checkout of tomorrow. Feeding international appetite for Italian foods. Managing carbon footprints Embracing new ways of learning. Scaling fast to meet surging demand for cloud services. Delivering financial news in real time. Delivering safe, flexible, and cost-efficient services. Supporting superior educational experiences. Cutting costs and complexity with HCI Safeguarding critical banking systems Helping clients prepare for the future of work. DreamWorks-Animation Tech at the Heart of Inter Building a car without compromise Delivering more sustainable IT, simply Rocketing to the top of Canada’s esports league Immersing students in new worlds with VR Delivering vital financial support to farming communities Sparking new scientific possibilities Securing the production of vital medicines Elevating service for students and staff Empowering engineers to work from anywhere Leading innovation on the racetrack Fueling technological innovation Streamlining server management and PC provisioning Smarter than the storm through supercomputing Keeping car washes spotlessly safe Protecting ecosystems on the edge Fueling award-winning customer service Delivering IT solutions with a leading edge Building a better world with everyone included Building a future-ready HPC platform Supercharging company growth Closing healthcare gaps Empowering teams to work at their best Staying on track with future-proof IT solutions Inside Barcelona, the 5G Smart City of the Future Serving up a smoother journey to the cloud Building business IT on a strong foundation Delivering revolutionary storage services Improving agility in the workplace Making new discoveries Preparing students for success Supporting world-class brain research Serving a growing cloud services market Making esports accessible to all Inspiring new visitor experiences at a cultural landmark Driving design and engineering excellence Fueling business growth Revolutionizing the shopping experience Creating a world-class research institute Transforming IT to make a bigger impact Advancing scientific research Entertaining movie audiences Taking software development to the next level Bringing traditional treatments to more patients Taking automation to the edge Saving lives with fast, accurate weather prediction Strengthening strategic alignment to better manage CO2 footprint Delighting citizens with stellar public services Bringing architectural visions to life Keeping UNC-Chapel Hill Ahead of the Competition AI for Immersive Storytelling Designing the digital school of the future Bringing the cloud in-house Boosting business agility A better way to grow across borders Delivering delicious food day in, day out Nurturing tomorrow’s pro-gamers Keeping passengers and cargo moving Improving wellbeing for vulnerable people Making healthcare services smarter Focusing on business, not maintenance Keeping China’s top ticketing platform online Taking the stress out of end-of-life asset disposition Striving for climate-neutral operations Providing millions of patients with high-quality healthcare Empowering product engineers to collaborate more effectively Powering HPC’s journey to sustainability Unlocking the secrets of the ocean Focusing on customer service Streamlining and simplifying IT across the globe Pet care gets personal Supporting effective cancer diagnosis Transforming the student experience with technology Fueling IoT innovation Extracting the power of AI Continuously evolving the group’s virtualization platform Powering next-level product development Delivering top tech to Mexican businesses Connecting with consumers worldwide Accelerating the public sector’s journey to cloud Supporting smart agriculture in Hokkaido Harnessing data-driven manufacturing Flexible higher education in a digital world Flexible higher education in a digital world Enabling teams to work together from anywhere Using AR and automation to create efficiencies Equipping students with the skills to succeed A better way to track the catch of the day Bringing personalized medicine to citizens across Scaling fast to meet the demand for cloud services Empowering students and teachers with tech tools The winning formula Business services software provider: Streamlining device management across borders Democratizing access to HPC and AI Streamlining patient experiences Keeping parcels moving with AI Building the hospital of the future Expanding digital services for residents Delivering digital services citizens can rely on Keeping things secure, simple, and scalable Keeping things simple with HCI Slashing time to insight for clients Advancing research with supercomputing Finding new answers among the stars Elevating visitor experiences with smart parking Enhancing learning & inspiring academic excellence Empowering entrepreneurs to innovate Boosting CAD performance for product development Empowering a mobile workforce to work securely Powering more flexible and sustainable operations Reinventing telemedicine for better health Delivering enterprise IT at entry-level prices Equipping employees to work securely from anywhere Raising attendance with engaging experiences Helping hybrid collaboration thrive Charting the fastest route to growth Embracing the transition to hybrid work Setting a new standard for sustainable IT services Targeting growth backed by HCI Helping doctors elevate healthcare experiences Modernizing IT to support safe and effective care Unlocking new insights into serious diseases Streamlining student and staff services Building a future-proof banking infrastructure Helping design state-of-the-art buildings Sensormatic Solutions leads a whole new retail experience Protecting customers 24/7 with smart security serv Facilitating trade along the New Silk Road Thriving in the cloud world with ever-ready HCI Hyperconvergence to support mission-critical medic Bringing top-quality IT services to Europe Read Customer Success Featured Stories & Case Studies. Protecting front-line community services Increasing performance with flexible public cloud Fueling fundamental scientific discoveries Excelling on and off the racetrack Revolutionizing higher ed with digital exams Supporting cloud services with speed & simplicity Accelerating legal services Leading an automation revolution in logistics Taking IT to the next level with HCI Delivering world-class medical services Raising the flag for manufacturing excellence Improving patient experience with better service Allina Health: Unpacking efficiency and cost savings with a sustainable bulk pack program Driving innovation with responsive IT services Delivering exceptional care for patients Integrated circuit manufacturer: Maintaining fast-paced business growth Modern employee workplace concept savings Lenovo digitizes ESG data management Keeping manufacturing rolling with AI-scheduling Delighting customers with personalized support Delivering AI-driven field services AI and ML to build an ultra-resilient supply chain Transforming hybrid cloud management with AI Advancing knowledge in land-based industries Bringing STEAM education to life Empowering employees globally to foster innovation Supporting rapid worldwide growth with agile IT su Helping companies scale fast Improving IT efficiency to boost performance Making IT simpler and more sustainable Embracing AR for instant customer support Adding extra layers of protection Boosting profitability through automation Boosting manufacturing efficiency with data Enriching & inspiring the community through dance Empowering women to feel happier and healthier Delivering design excellence, faster than ever Keeping production flowing and business growing Manufacturing fast without compromising on quality Empowering product engineers to collaborate more effectively Accelerating cutting-edge research Expanding digital services for residents Enabling teams to work together from anywhere Scaling cloud server operations across the globe Accelerating game-changing performance analytics Faster, reliable & cost-effective cloud computing Cutting operating costs by moving to HCI Delivering outstanding eyecare with AI Keeping vital customer services online 24/7 Remote expertise through assisted reality apps Delighting customers with convenient shopping Driving retail excellence across Ukraine Bringing the cloud closer to users Speeding up scientific breakthroughs Driving green innovation with cutting-edge HPC Supporting a national medical device sales network Serving up fresh retail insights Taking IT service levels to new heights Protecting front-line community services Delivering first-class customer service Helping students & researchers achieve their goals Delighting customers with new banking services Building a base for intelligent operations Bringing innovative financing solutions to clients Building the energy systems of the future Going global with Lenovo Building a platform for digital innovation Telco enters next stage of evolution at the edge Leveraging AI at the edge to protect biodiversity Striving for a more sustainable world Higher performance, lower power consumption Creating headroom for business growth Embracing smart manufacturing for global growth Protecting staff and students with AI at the edge Delivering vital healthcare to one million people Promoting sustainable futures Creating Hollywood blockbusters Analyzing data at the edge for production lines Building share in the multi-billion cloud market Powering Dune's Visual Effects with Lenovo Building a stable platform for innovation Enhancing learning with AI innovation Driving a seamless parking experience Using AI to raise the bar in special education Enabling groundbreaking genomics research Driving scientific breakthroughs Inspiring K-12 student success through esports Designing the spaces of the future Driving Success with Lenovo Read Smarter AI Customer Success Stories & Case Studies Showcasing esports excellence Outsourcing device management to focus on CX Enabling circular tech, supported by Lenovo Shaping more sustainable IT procurement Leveraging AI to diagnose cancer up to 10x faster Creating a coworking community with childcare Ramping up new semiconductor business Thrilling fans using AI-driven event planning Controlling computers just by thinking Combining AI with human expertise Developing next-generation energy storage Supporting citizens with reliable digital services Keeping pace with activewear trends Nurturing a thriving esports community on campus Helping clients achieve their business objectives Creating TV and movie magic with Lenovo Protecting people with digital security solutions Improving health equity with VR technology Empowering people to save lives by donating blood Empowering employees to deliver service excellence Banking on Lenovo to keep services running Satisfying growing appetites for delicious goods Playing to win Delighting customers with always-on service Supercharging research and development Ensuring key virtual desktop services run securely Scaling up healthcare services Leading dairy company Helping people with disabilities build careers Building community around esports Bringing AI and the metaverse to students Taking efficiency to new heights with HCI Cowboys in the Digital Saddle Keeping South Africa’s minibus taxis moving Leveraging AI to offer faster public services Creating sustainable architectural fabrication Helping businesses grow with secure cloud services Empowering clinicians to deliver quality healtcare Satisfying an appetite for IT modernization

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