“Lenovo created the opportunity for us to offer a fully packaged solution to customers who value simplicity.”

Daniel Straume

Funding Partner & CEO, Loopeli

Improving wellbeing for vulnerable people

Impressed with Lenovo devices such as the Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 3 tablet, Loopeli reached out to Lenovo to explore the option of co-creating connectivity solutions specifically designed for disabled and elderly people. While Lenovo’s pricing was competitive, it was the Lenovo account team’s responsiveness to Loopeli’s needs and commitment to the company’s vision that sealed the deal.

Loopeli sees that Lenovo’s vision for the user experience closely aligns with its own goals. With smart technologies from Lenovo, Loopeli can use hassle-free mobile device management to help bring families closer together. What’s more, Lenovo’s broad experience with tablet solutions in the healthcare space also gave Loopeli added confidence in Lenovo solutions.

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