“When customers want to find information about repairs and servicing, or to purchase additional services such as extended warranties, 98% of them come to our self-service channels. Every year, over 200 million customers engage with these services—so it’s crucial for us to offer the best possible experience for every visitor.”

Ronendro Singh

 Global eService Operations at Lenovo

Lenovo delights customers with personalized, AI-driven online support

When a customer experiences an issue with a product, they expect the vendor to provide fast and effective support. But for many enterprises, fulfilling every support request via agent-assisted channels would be prohibitively costly and time-consuming.   

By leveraging our own products, services and customer support expertise, Lenovo created Smart Avatar—a first-of-its-kind AI solution that can automatically direct each Lenovo PC customer to the appropriate support resources in real time.

The combination of seamless self-service experiences and responsive agent-assisted channels is bringing big benefits to Lenovo. Smart Avatar has already delivered $10 million in cost-avoidance and a 15.4-point increase in customer satisfaction—and the solution could deliver similar benefits for companies across a wide range of industries.

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