“We just love how flexible, reliable, and versatile Lenovo solutions are. We can adapt them for use in multiple environments, creating truly breathtaking experiences. Plus, we also have access to Lenovo’s extensive partner network, which is full of other leading technology vendors who can provide pretty much everything we need—from AI-enabled webcams to 4K ultra-high-definition projectors.”

Bill Corbett

President, Corbett Inc.

Designing the spaces of the future

With hybrid working and learning transforming the way people interact with the world around them, Corbett Inc. decided to partner with Lenovo to help companies create inspiring, engaging, and technology-driven spaces—revolutionizing the way people learn, work, and play.

Customer Problem

How could Corbett Inc. help companies touch, hear, feel, and see how technology can help them create inspiring spaces that boost productivity, discovery, and creativity?

Lenovo Solution

Corbett Inc. selected Lenovo as its technology partner and built a wide variety of hybrid-ready environments that offer immersive experiences and instant connectivity.

Business Impact

Equipping its experience centers with Lenovo solutions has helped Corbett Inc. boost sales by showcasing its innovative approach to design, while opening up new opportunities for expansion.

“We’re really proud of the exciting and engaging experiences that we’ve already created using Lenovo technology."

Bill Corbett, President, Corbett Inc.


  • ·       Helps create memorable experiences
  • ·       Drives sales growth
  • ·       Creates opportunities for expansion

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