“The Lenovo ThinkServer TS80Xs have transformed our infrastructure, giving our employees the support they need to provide excellent customer service and uphold our position as one of Dongguan’s top Audi dealerships.”

Wen Jinlei,

Purchasing Manager,
Dongguan Aoli Automobile Sales Services

Putting sales and service teams in the driving seat with high-performance systems

Over the past six years, Dongguan Aoli Automobile Sales Services has rapidly established itself as one of Dongguan’s leading Audi dealerships, ranking third in the province in 2020. As a licensed “4S store”, the company operates a vertically integrated business model, with teams providing sales, service, spare parts, and surveys (customer feedback) all under one roof.

The 4S model means that the company plays a significant role in managing customer satisfaction at every stage of the customer lifecycle. The quality of the services it provides reflects not only on the company itself, but also on the Audi brand—so it’s vital to ensure every customer enjoys the best possible experience, whether they are buying a new car, getting a repair, or providing feedback.

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