“Managing our data and services effectively has always been a top priority. Governance is crucial: we aim to maintain tight control over everything.”

Wenjie Zhang

Cloud Native Products R&D Director at Lenovo

Lenovo transforms hybrid cloud management with AI-powered automation


From empowering remote workers to boosting the reliability of key applications, it’s easy to understand why so many global enterprises are embracing a hybrid cloud strategy. However, managing a complex and fast-growing set of public and private cloud resources can quickly overwhelm internal IT teams.

As one of the world’s leading global IT companies, Lenovo has first-hand experience with these challenges—and we know how to solve them.

Originally developed as an internal tool to manage our global infrastructure and cloud services, Lenovo is now offering our hybrid cloud solution to organizations across China. Built on Lenovo intellectual property, the solution has reduced the time we spend on cloud management by 60%, boosted availability from 99.95% to 99.99%, and cut our public cloud costs by up to 35%.

If hybrid cloud is on your roadmap, then Lenovo has the solutions to help automate and accelerate the entire lifecycle of cloud build, migration, use, management, and operation.

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