“Lenovo’s edge computing offering truly stood apart from the competition. No other vendor we evaluated could deliver the right combination of resilience and processing power."

John Dwinell

Founder, Peak Analytics

Keeping parcels moving with AI

Founded in 2013, Peak Analytics (formerly Siena Analytics) is on a mission to transform the logistics and supply chain industries by helping business harness the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), including the up-front identification of damaged or mislabeled packages to save time and resources.

Suppliers, warehouse operators, and logistics companies process huge volumes of goods every day and depend on razor-thin margins for survival. With competition in these sectors heating up and economic volatility creating unprecedented uncertainty, leading suppliers and logistics companies are looking for new ways to ensure profitability while delivering rapid, reliable customer service.

For many years, supply chain and logistics companies have planned their operations by calculating volumes, throughputs, and other key metrics using median and historical data—an approach that is time-consuming and limits visibility.

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