“Our central warehouse has the space to unbox, build, and image thousands of PCs before shipping them out across the healthcare system—all our clinics and hospitals are within 100 miles. The Lenovo Bulk Pack program makes sense from a logistical standpoint as well as an environmental one.”

Brad Myrvold

Manager Desktop Technology, Allina Health

Unpacking efficiency and cost savings with a sustainable bulk pack program

For 20+ years, Allina Health has trusted Lenovo devices to support MRIs, medical records, and more. It operates an expansive estate of Lenovo hardware, refreshing around 10,000 PCs each year. By using bulk packaging services for the last decade, Allina Health has minimized packaging waste while shrinking time, labor, and shipping costs.

Customer Problem

When IT management was brought under central control around 10 years ago, Allina Health began to order hardware in bulk—and found itself inundated with packaging.

Lenovo Solution

Allina Health and Lenovo teamed up to introduce a Bulk Pack program, taking advantage of Lenovo’s bulk packaging services for end-user devices to minimize packaging waste.

Business Impact

The Bulk Pack program has enabled Allina Health to save a huge amount of packaging from going to landfill, helping to reduce its impact on the environment while also boosting efficiency.

“Bulk packaging has enabled us to practically eliminate packaging waste from the PC refresh lifecycle. For us, the Lenovo Bulk Pack program is an easy win.”

Brad Myrvold, Manager Desktop Technology, Allina Health


  • ·       Less packaging, less waste
  • ·       Lower shipping costs and emissions
  • ·       Saves time and labor in unboxing

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