“The 5G Playground Carinthia is a true lighthouse project that demonstrates our edge and cloud computing capabilities. We collaborate with the local business community and connect with leading research institutions. By working with Exoscale and Lenovo, we are supporting innovation: enabling us to build interconnected AI and real-time solutions for the future, such as industrial automation platforms and autonomous driving systems.”

Dr. Wolfgang Fleischer

Group Technology & Future Services,
Strategy & Innovation, A1 Group

Kick-starting innovation with research collaborations to launch edge cloud services.

A1 Austria (A1 Telekom Austria AG) is a subsidiary of the A1 Group and a leading telecommunications and IT service provider headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with over 5 million mobile and 2 million broadband customers across the country. Part of the international A1 Group with 25 million customers in seven countries in Europe, the A1 Digital division delivers business transformation through innovative IT solutions. The company also owns Exoscale: a rapidly growing public cloud provider powered by Lenovo technology and with a focus on privacy and data protection.

To gain first-mover advantage when launching new solutions for its customers, A1 Austria strives to stay ahead of the competition by investing early in emerging technologies—including cutting-edge 5G services.

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