“Lenovo provides excellent technology systems, and we are very happy with the performance and stability of our new cluster. But what sets Lenovo apart is their people. The Lenovo team was genuinely invested in making this project a success, and really went the extra mile to improve our HPC capabilities. Lenovo is ready to hear their customer’s voice and listen to them, and that’s something you don’t get with just any technology provider.”

Dr. Muyoung Heo

System Architect, Institute for Basic Science

Fueling fundamental scientific discoveries

The Institute for Basic Science was established in 2011, becoming the first institution in South Korea dedicated to basic science research. Focused on studying the most fundamental principles of nature, basic science is essential to creating new knowledge from which significant scientific and societal progress can be achieved.

The Institute for Basic Science specializes in long-term projects involving large groups of researchers. The institute operates 33 research centers, each dedicated to a different discipline of basic science, from mathematics and physics to chemistry and biology.

The Institute for Basic Science believes scientists unleash their creative potential most effectively when they conduct their research in an autonomous institution with world-class infrastructure. That’s why, since its inception, the institute has been developing its research facilities and HPC infrastructure, to enable its scientists to conduct the most cutting-edge research.

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