“Our Lenovo solutions are a key enabler of our pioneering data-driven healthcare services at Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital, and we are extremely pleased with the performance of our hyperconverged infrastructure.”

Lin Hua,

Director of Information Department,
Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital

Smart hospital lifts patient services to new heights

Part of the Columbia Medical Group, Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital is a newly constructed tertiary hospital in northern Zhejiang Province, China. With 500 beds, 12 operating theaters, and three delivery rooms, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and specialties, including emergency medicine, radiology, ear, nose and throat, and more.

For hospitals across China, delivering on the complex care needs of an aging population while keeping costs under tight control is a key objective. In the city of Jiaxing, Columbia Medical Group operates healthcare centers that provide vital care services to thousands of citizens each year. To meet the growing requirements of the province, the group has invested over US$159 million to complement its two existing hospitals with a new, state-of-the-art facility: Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital.

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