“We saw from our initial experimentation with cloud-based services that AI had tremendous potential to help us provide students and staff with more opportunities to learn, teach, and discover. To leverage AI at scale, we recognized that we first needed to build a powerful, reliable, and flexible IT infrastructure that could support data-rich and compute-intensive AI workloads.”

Dr. Simon Cheung

Director of Information Technology, Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Enhancing learning with AI innovation

AI holds tremendous potential to make learning more engaging, exciting, and efficient. HKMU deployed Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to support the development of AI-driven student, faculty, and administrative services—enhancing the student experience.

Customer Problem

How could HKMU develop, test, and deploy new AI-powered services quickly and cost effectively?

Lenovo Solution

The world-leading university deployed Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 servers to establish a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible foundation for innovation.

Business Impact

With the Lenovo solutions, HKMU is well on its way to launching an AI-powered tutoring assistant that will provide students with 24/7 support and assistance as they study.

“By deploying Lenovo solutions, we’ve dramatically accelerated the pace of AI innovation at HKMU.”

Dr. Simon Cheung, Director of Information Technology, Hong Kong Metropolitan University


  • ·       80% accuracy for chatbot answers
  • ·       Accelerates AI development
  • ·       Eliminates dependence on cloud services

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