“Today with Lenovo TruScale, our engineers only need an internet connection and can securely access their fully configured, high-performance workstation from anywhere, at any time.”

Dominik Ringler

Business Service Management / Project Management, ZKW Group

Empowering product engineers to collaborate more effectively

ZKW Group relies heavily on 3D CAD modeling and visualization for the early stages of product development—requiring powerful workstations. Previously, individual teams set up their own local CAD workstations, but this approach became unsustainable.

ZKW Group deployed Lenovo servers to provide virtualized CAD workstations. Next, it signed up for Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service, moving from buying and managing servers to purchasing subscriptions for users with monthly billing. 

As a result of the move to a fully managed solution, ZKW Group can scale its virtual CAD workstations faster and with greater flexibly. Thanks to the pay-as-you-go consumption model, it has reduced  the cost per user for CAD workstations. 

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