“Lenovo offers us a stable, high-performance IT platform backed up by timely, responsive services—allowing us to harness our data to improve the quality of the land, water, and air for all Hefei’s citizens.”

Cui Wei

Director of Information Center,
Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau

Protecting Hefei’s natural beauty with big data insights

The capital and largest city of China’s Anhui Province, Hefei is a busy industrial center with a total area of 11,445 square kilometers, surrounded by 5,618 square kilometers of rich agricultural land. The city is rich in natural resources and is near Chaohu Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China, and some of the prefecture’s most stunning natural beauty spots.

The Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau (HEPB) is an administrative department of the Hefei Municipal Government responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the city’s air, land, and water. The bureau includes sub-departments for environmental monitoring, research, waste management, and law enforcement.

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