“With our Lenovo ThinkAgile MX platform—deployed with Acuutech MESH—we can let IT take its place in the background while we move forward in searching out the next fashion trends.”

Darren Jacobs

Managing Director, Carmel Clothing

Empowering global teams to capture emerging fashion trends

Founded in 1957 in London, England, Carmel Clothing is an award-winning, global womenswear and kidswear design and manufacturing brand providing end-to-end supply solutions for fashion retailers. With international sales offices in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Romania and London, and joint ventures with factories and mills globally, Carmel Clothing takes its customers directly to source—offering highly competitive pricing.

In the fashion retail industry, capturing fast-moving consumer trends is essential for success. For more than five decades, Carmel Clothing has been expertly designing and manufacturing top-selling products for its retail clients via an international network of offices and production facilities located across Europe and Asia Pacific.

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