“Our experience with Lenovo has been extremely positive. With other providers, it can sometimes feel like they just want to sell you a product. In contrast, Lenovo put in the effort to design and deploy a truly tailored solution for us, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Yongsheng Zhong

IT Manager, Lyric Robot

Empowering teams to work at their best 

An early attempt at introducing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) had left intelligent automation specialist Lyric Robot with real growing pains: low hardware utilization, poor performance, and considerable complexity.

The company found a way to turn the tide with an all-new environment, built on powerful Lenovo ThinkSystem SR660 V2 servers with integrated VMware vSAN™ virtualization tech and VMware Horizon® VDI software. Now, Lyric Robot is running thousands of virtual desktops without a hitch, giving employees easy access to business systems and information while cutting IT costs and complexity.

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