"We’ve been running the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers around the clock with the AMD CPUs at 100% for pure render power, and the platform has yet to miss a beat. We can render larger, more active visuals and produce higher-quality content."

Syama Mishra

Chief DCC Technology Officer, BINYAN

Bringing architectural visions to life

When property developers and architects want to showcase a project that’s yet to be built, they turn to BINYAN to tell the story of their spaces through photorealistic images and animations. To produce more compelling visual designs, BINYAN worked with Focus Group Technologies to design and build a rendering cluster, underpinned by Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 servers and AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors.

The solution slashed the server footprint by over 85% while unleashing a 2-10x boost in performance. It’s helping designers render larger, more sophisticated visuals and raise the bar for realism, detail, and quality.

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