“As a next step, we will start upgrading all 1,500 of our laptops and standardize on the outstanding Lenovo ThinkPad T Series. Additionally, we’re preparing for a couple of public tenders right now and are confident that our offer, which combines our software and services together with Lenovo devices, we can win even more new customers in the future and continue to grow our business.”

Marco Schmitz

Head of IT, IQUL GmbH

Revolutionizing higher education with digital examinations

IQUL GmbH, a digital examination platform service provider based in Germany, is empowering universities, governmental organizations, and private education providers to digitize their entire examination process at scale with reliable Lenovo OEM solutions.

Customer Problem

Robustness and battery life are key to providing a successful digital examination service. IQUL wanted to standardize its devices to ensure that over 500 students can work reliably for up to eight hours straight.

Lenovo Solution

Lenovo delivered a complete OEM solution with ThinkPad laptops and integration of IQUL’s custom software. The customized configuration of ThinkPad T Series laptops features high-performance, energy-efficient processors, 16” touchscreens, and large batteries.

Business Impact

With about 1,000 Lenovo ThinkPad T Series laptops, IQUL and its customers benefit from great performance, long battery life, and excellent cost-efficiency.


    • 2x battery life
    • Robust, premium look and feel
    • Optimized TCO and custom software integration

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