“With a lean team of 10 internal experts, we developed a leading-edge APS solution in just six months. The AI solution is delivering excellent results against several key performance indicators, and we’re anticipating further benefits as we continue the rollout.”

Haiming Gan

Senior IT Manager, Digital Insight at Lenovo

Lenovo keeps manufacturing lines rolling around the clock with AI-powered production scheduling

For businesses around the world, supply chain resilience has never been more important. To keep production lines running smoothly, it’s crucial for enterprises to plan effectively and react quickly—from production planning and scheduling onwards.

This article explains, step by step, how Lenovo optimized its own supply chain through the implementation of AI-powered Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) capabilities that we developed in-house. The results have been dramatic: 24% more production line capacity, 19% higher production volumes, a 3.5X increase in on-time deliveries, and the acceleration of production schedule planning from two hours to two minutes. 

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