“Our new HCI solution—powered by Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Series and Azure Stack HCI solutions—is going to transform our on-premises data center. When we go live, everything will be simpler, tidier, and much easier to manage.”

Vegard Olsen

Principal Cloud Architect, Safe4

Protecting customers 24/7 with smart security services

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Safe4 is an international internet-of-things (IoT) corporation specializing in smart security and smart living solutions. The company’s proven IoT platform enables businesses to provide white-label services such as home alarms, in-home deliveries, elder care monitoring, and more.

One of the key components of Safe4’s services is its Alarm Receiving Center (ARC). Staffed by a team of expert security operators, the ARC is certified and approved by the European Standard for Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Center EN 50518 – category 1. Operators carefully monitor and protect customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safe4’s ARC plays a key role in protecting thousands of customers, including vulnerable elderly people. As a result, Safe4 aims to ensure maximum availability for the digital systems that underpin these services.

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