“Lenovo’s deep experience was clear throughout the engagement. What’s more, Lenovo storage solutions offered the best price-performance ratio of all the storage vendors we evaluated.”

Yu Ren,

Technical Supervisor,
Xinjiang State Tax Data Center

Strengthening tax administration with cutting-edge technologies

Located in the city of Urumchi, China, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Tax Bureau is responsible for the implementation of taxation, social insurance premiums, and other relevant state fiscal policies throughout Xinjiang.

In the past, a lack of digitization meant that local tax authorities in China had to manually input tax return data into their systems. Not only was this time-consuming and error-prone, it also made it difficult to detect VAT fraud. As part of a far-reaching initiative to boost the accuracy and efficiency of tax administration across the country, China has mandated local tax authorities to digitize and integrate their systems with the state’s central tax exchange: the Golden Tax System.

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