“We chose Lenovo ThinkEdge ahead of other vendors’ proposals for its compactness. ThinkEdge empowers our solutions for logistics customers by delivering data center-grade performance and functionalities in a compact and flexibly designed form factor, which saves warehouse space for goods inventory and operations.”

Robert Tiinus

Senior Infrastructure Operations Engineer, Rapyuta Robotics

Leading an automation revolution in logistics

Rapyuta Robotics, a leader in the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market in Japan, uses Lenovo ThinkEdge servers to keep mobile robots moving safely and swiftly through busy warehouses—helping logistics clients increase efficiency and speed up order picking and fulfillment.

Customer Problem

With more logistics companies clamoring for its AMRs, Rapyuta Robotics needed a data center-grade solution, capable of supporting real-time control and maintenance of AMRs.

Lenovo Solution

Lenovo ThinkEdge servers support centralized, real-time monitoring and control of approximately
500 robots operating in more than 50 different client distribution warehouses.

Business Impact

Delivers the compute power Rapyuta Robotics needs for real-time control and maintenance of highly functional robots, in a compact, rugged design made to withstand crowded and harsh warehouse environments.

“Our partnership with Lenovo is key to growing our business, as we can leverage Lenovo’s strength in IT infrastructure, technology, and solutions. We look forward to Lenovo's support in achieving this goal.”

Kazuhiro Aizawa, Senior Product Manager, Rapyuta Robotics


    • Expected to double the PA-AMR deployment in the near term
    • 500 robots monitored and controlled through Lenovo edge servers with Rapyuta cloud AI
    • Helps logistics clients operate faster and more efficiently

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