“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Lenovo and NVIDIA® to minimize the use of antibiotics in agriculture, reduce costs for farmers, and contribute to greater animal welfare.”

Kristof Nagy

Founder & CEO, Serket

Tackling antibiotic resistance with AI-powered livestock health management.

Founded in 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Serket is a livestock technology company offering an advanced AI solution that uses camera vision to enhance farm productivity and promote the health of individual animals. By monitoring changes in animal behavior in real time, Serket enables farmers to identify sick livestock and intervene rapidly: shrinking mortality rates, reducing feed and veterinary costs, and minimizing the use of antibiotics.

To help feed a growing world population, livestock farming will remain an important ingredient in the global agriculture mix for years to come. Use of antibiotics in farming is an issue of global significance, as it is one of the primary contributors to antibiotics-resistant bacteria. This phenomenon is a major concern for international healthcare organizations, because it has given rise to ‘superbugs’: strains that infect both people and animals, and that are extremely difficult to treat.

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