"What we're doing is bringing the computing power that we have in a traditional data center very, very close where the information, the data is being generated. Normally, when we use our devices, the data travels to a server somewhere far away. The information is processed then returned to us.

The greater the distance, the greater latency, and that really hinders the user experience. Edge servers allow data processing to happen close by, giving us low latency.

Traditional servers are designed to operate in a data center, which means there's a controlled environment, controlled temperature. Lenovo and Intel collaborated very closely in designing some of the smallest, ruggedized servers that are able to operate in the warm days of Barcelona in the summer, as well as in the cold, humid nights in the winter. We're able to distribute the network capacity, which is adding more capacity when there's more users."

Charles Ferland

Vice President & General Manager, Edge computing & Telecom at Lenovo

Laying the foundation for a smarter future

Old World powered by the New: Behind Barcelona’s old-world facade runs one of the most technologically advanced networks that powers the city’s infrastructure and its citizens’ lives.

Learn how Lenovo’s Edge Computing solutions, powered by Intel’s 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and in partnership with the Barcelona City Council and Cellnex, is providing the springboard for Barcelona’s digital transformation.

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