“To protect our intellectual property, we need to ensure that data streaming between on-site engineers and external experts is completely secure. Both the Lenovo and holo|one teams put in a lot of development hours to help us achieve the right balance of openness, ease of use, and security.”

Ning Khang Lee

Director of Smart Manufacturing & AI, Micron

Using AR and automation to create efficiencies

In early 2019, Micron began exploring AR solutions for remote assistance to connect engineers on the shop floor with experts in a shared virtual environment. “Our plan was to use AR technology to enable technicians across different sites to work remotely together with subject matter experts in real time to carry out new equipment installations, machine troubleshooting, and maintenance,” says Lee.

When news of the COVID-19 outbreak in China began to circulate in 2020, Micron quickly accelerated the program roadmap and launched a proof-of-concept exercise. Micron worked closely with Lenovo and holo|one to integrate ThinkReality with its internal systems and meet stringent security requirements.

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