"At Blue Sky Innovations, we leverage virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to find new ways to engage audiences. We were able to partner with Lenovo to create human centered innovation. Our Innovation Lab and Lenovo have a common mission. We need really smart technology and we need to make it available to everyone. Lenovo gets that.” 

Steven King

Chief Innovation Officer, UNC Blue Sky Innovations

From science fiction to reality 

“Part of the job is to figure out: What is the future? Where is technology going?” explains King. “We’re trying to not only predict it, but drive it, and to create human centered innovation to solve problems that leverage technology focused on the human that uses it.”

Discover how UNC Blue Sky Innovations are leaning on Lenovo AI to shape the future of the metaverse. Leveraging Lenovo devices and infrastructure solutions, AI and AR/VR, Blue Sky Innovations are creating immersive storytelling experiences to engage audiences. Learn how their low-cost volumetric capture studio set-up, robotic arm, drones and robot journalist applications use AI and deep learning to create human centered innovation. 

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