“Thanks to our work with Lenovo, we have deployed a future-ready HPC platform that will allow us to drive cutting-edge study and research programs.”

Feng Gefei

Teacher, School of Linguistic Sciences and Arts,
Jiangsu Normal University

Empowering linguistics students and teachers with accelerated HPC performance.

Founded in Xuzhou, China in 1952, Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU) is a regional high-level university in Jiangsu Province, supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. With four campuses across over 2,457 acres, the organization offers a wide range of degree programs to more than 18,800 undergraduate and 4,500 postgraduate students.

In the School of Linguistic Sciences and Arts, JSNU provides training in fields such as broadcasting, as well as cutting-edge work in disciplines including language engineering and theoretical linguistics. One of the School’s most popular degree courses is neurolinguistics, where graduates use techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalograms to study the relationship between the human brain and language, and investigate how people use language to think.

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