“With Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Series, we found an effective way to divide our storage space over two sites. Not only does this make our hosted environment highly available, it also provides great performance and reduces the cost of storage.”

Christopher Flach

IT technician, IT-Stöd

Scaling fast to meet surging demand for cloud services

As a cloud services provider, IT-Stöd’s reputation rides on delivering consistently high-quality service to customers. Recently, that commitment was put to the ultimate test when a new collaboration with a leading financial software company sparked a big boom in business.

Christopher Flach, IT technician at IT-Stöd, explains: “After we announced the partnership, our customer base doubled in just a few months. We were welcoming five to ten new customers every week. This was unprecedented growth for us, and we needed to scale very fast to accommodate it. At the same time, it was important to keep costs down, so that prices remained accessible for our customer base.”

IT-Stöd decided to expand to a new data center location, adding much-needed capacity, as well as geographical redundancy for business continuity and disaster recovery. The company recognized that its existing SAN-based architecture wasn’t feasible for this new approach, primarily because it would be prohibitively expensive to operate SANs at two separate sites. That realization sparked a search for an infrastructure platform capable of supporting IT-Stöd’s new ambitions.

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