“Adopting Lenovo devices made it really easy for us to move from office-based to hybrid working. And we know that if we ever have any issues, Lenovo Premier Support will help us to resolve them quickly and effectively.”


Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Embracing the transition to hybrid work

In the face of the pandemic, Maurice Blackburn set out to enable hybrid working for its 1,200 staff. How could the company ensure a seamless working experience both at home and in the office?

With help from Lenovo, Maurice Blackburn replaced its fleet of desktops with latest-generation ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptops, complete with docking stations, monitors, and keyboards—all backed by Lenovo Premier Support services.

With a full setup readily available both at home and in the office, employees can work productively from anywhere. Supported by Lenovo, Maurice Blackburn has successfully transitioned into a hybrid workplace that’s fit for the future.

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