“With Lenovo TruScale IaaS, we only pay for the resources that we actually consume, and we have full transparency over our spending levels. We are moving towards a much more cost-effective infrastructure model.”

Alexander Bispo

IT Infrastructure Manager, Allianz Partners

Delivering first-class customer service that builds brand loyalty

In Brazil, Allianz Partners receives around 420,000 calls every month from customers seeking urgent assistance. The insurer selected a Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution to enable its contact center agents to access data faster and deliver more responsive support.

Customer Problem

Allianz Partners experienced performance and reliability issues with its server infrastructure, which increased the risk of customers facing a frustrating wait to receive information during calls.

Lenovo Solution

By selecting a Lenovo TruScale IaaS solution, Allianz partners can access high-performance servers to run its critical Oracle database, without incurring high upfront costs.

Business Impact

Contact center agents now surface information faster, enhancing the customer experience, while Allianz Partners can handle a further 20,000 calls per month without adding to headcount.

“Our Lenovo infrastructure has had a really positive impact on our quality of service. We can now deliver more reliable, responsive assistance during the hundreds of thousands of calls we receive each month.”

Alexander Bispo, IT Infrastructure Manager, Allianz Partners


  • ·       6% faster call resolution
  • ·       4.7x faster backup processes for critical Oracle database
  • ·       Boosts customer satisfaction and fosters long-term loyalty

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