“Our Lenovo HPC solution combined with our advanced predictive model helps us to reveal the ocean’s secrets, enabling our customers to maximize the return on their investments and reduce the impact on the environment.”

Svenn Hanssen

CEO, Serit Tromsø (partner and key investor in Oceanbox.io)

Unlocking the secrets of the ocean

A key challenge in commercial salmon farming is to protect fish in their near-shore pens from lice. De-licing is costly and not always effective: ocean currents can return the parasites to reinfest the same fish. To enable the modeling of ocean currents, Oceanbox built a high-performance computing (HPC) platform based on 16 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 servers, each with two 64-core AMD EPYC™  processors.

Through detailed interactive models of predicted ocean currents, services from Oceanbox enable fish-farming companies to analyze the potential impact of parasites. This initial use case is expected to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in efficiency savings to Norway’s large fish-farming industry.

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