“We saw that the new Lenovo 360 for TruScale go-to-market framework would help us to capitalize on the growing number of service-led opportunities with our customers and drive additional revenue streams. We realized that we could use the flexible Lenovo TruScale service delivery model as a platform to build our own services on top.”

Lasse Mørk-Andersen

Director Customer Acquisition, Foxway

Enabling circular tech, supported by Lenovo

Growing complexity in the IT industry is making it increasingly difficult for a single vendor to meet customers’ diverse needs. That’s why success hinges on strong partnerships between IT vendors and channel partners. As a Service models, presented as a framework solution for the cooperation between Lenovo and the channel, allow partners to provide flexible, scalable solutions from pocket to cloud. Lenovo 360 for TruScale is the best go-to-market framework for partners to tap into the trillion-dollar as a Service market opportunity, providing customers with best-in-class solutions through a profitable and flexible delivery model that allows channel partners to build a platform through which they can expand their offering and grow revenue.

Customer Problem

More organizations are looking to move away from traditional IT procurement to the as-a-service model. How can Foxway ensure that it continues to deliver the highest possible level of service to an ever-growing customer base?

Lenovo Solution

Lenovo 360 for TruScale is a channel-centric framework that invests in partners' Everything as a Service success, by maximizing their earnings, driving demand, and deepening their expertise.

Business Impact

By unleashing the power of Lenovo 360 for TruScale, Foxway can offer comprehensive DaaS solutions to more companies, serve its customer base more flexibly, and increase earnings.

“We have already closed one deal through the Lenovo 360 for TruScale framework together with Lenovo, and we’re confident that this framework will open many more doors in the months and years to come.”

Lasse Mørk-Andersen, Director Customer Acquisition, Foxway


  • ·       Simple go-to-market framework
  • ·       Flexible delivery model
  • ·       Cost-efficient subscription fee

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