Lenovo recognized that augmented reality (AR) technology had the potential to connect engineers in China and Mexico in a shared virtual environment, enabling them to work together in real time to rebuild and restart the assembly line. 

Enabling teams to work together from anywhere

Lenovo is a truly global company, with centers for operations, research, manufacturing, and sales located all around the world.

With sales of Lenovo smartphones and tablets growing steadily in North America, the company made the strategic decision to transfer some production facilities to the region. Lenovo chose to move an assembly line from its Motorola plant in Wuhan, China to its primary North American manufacturing hub in Monterrey, Mexico.

Typically, dismantling an assembly line for reuse in another location requires a team of engineers to take the line apart, travel with the equipment to the new facility, and stay at the new site for several weeks to facilitate and supervise the reassembly and startup of the line. However, when the coronavirus pandemic swept around the world in early 2020, these plans suddenly had to change.

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