“Thanks to Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, we are able to offer remote medical diagnostics to patients in even the most remote areas of Anhui Province. Even though they are deployed in demanding, non-data-center environments, the Lenovo solutions have never let us down.”

Fu Cheng,

Director of Information Center,
Health Commission of Jingde County,
Anhui Province

Bringing high-quality care to China’s rural populations.

With a population of around 150,000 people, Jingde County is a county-level administrative area in the southeast of Anhui Province, China. The Health Commission of Jingde County is the local government department responsible for providing equal, inclusive, and convenient access to basic public health services, and allocating public resources to grassroots health services.

In recent years, China’s National Health Commission has promoted access to high-quality medical care nationwide. By taking advantage of the latest scientific and technological advances, it is upgrading medical technology and improving the efficiency of health services across the country—especially in remote and rural areas that have historically lacked advanced healthcare facilities. For example, in Jingde County, many towns and villages in the foothills of the Huangshan Mountains are spread up to 90 kilometers apart, and the difficult terrain means that travel between towns can take up to two days.

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