"Reliability is a huge benefit of partnering with Lenovo. One server could host multiple customer environments, so any downtime could potentially impact multiple businesses and hundreds of users. Lenovo hardware has proven to be extremely reliable over the years. Crucially, thanks to Lenovo Premier Support, we have peace of mind that help is just a phone call away if anything were to happen.”

Alex McDonnell 

COO, OneNet

Taking IT service levels to new heights

Cloud pioneer OneNet partners with Lenovo to bring latest-generation technology to its customers, backed by responsive local support and technical expertise.

Customer Problem

OneNet's private cloud is built on best-of-breed Lenovo infrastructure. To keep delivering the highest level of service for customers, OneNet continually upgrades and evolves its data center infrastructure.

Lenovo Solution

Partnering with Lenovo not only gives OneNet access to the latest and greatest data center technology, but also high-quality technical support.

Business Impact

Backed by Lenovo, OneNet can deliver high-availability, high-performance private cloud services that its customers can depend on.

“Lenovo has been a trusted partner for many years. Neither the technology nor the local team has ever let us down.”

Alex McDonnell, COO, OneNet


  • ·       Reliable, energy-efficient hardware
  • ·       Responsive local support
  • ·       Expert technical advice

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