“With Kognition, Lenovo, and Qualcomm technology, we get a level of surveillance that would be prohibitively costly if we had to rely on traditional security solutions. What’s more, because the Lenovo ThinkEdge platform is so robust and reliable, we know that we can always count on it to help us protect our students and staff.”

Gary Krahn

Head of School, La Jolla Country Day School

Protecting staff and students with AI at the edge


While serious incidents in schools are incredibly rare, LJCDS wants to be prepared for every eventuality. To protect students and staff, the school installed an AI-driven threat-detection system at its campus running on the Lenovo ThinkEdge platform, powered by Qualcomm® Cloud AI 100—driving 83% faster responses to potential incidents.

Customer Problem

How can LJCDS detect possible threats and protect students from harm while fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere on campus?

Lenovo Solution

LJCDS transformed its security cameras into AI-enabled smart sensors, running on a cost-effective, powerful Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 platform equipped with Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Accelerators.

Business Impact

Today, LJCDS can identify possible dangers immediately and notify leaders automatically—helping to keep students and staff safe so they can focus on learning and discovery.

“We knew that AI had the potential to help us identify threats much more consistently and efficiently. So, we targeted an IT infrastructure that was powerful enough to support this new technology and cost-effective and energy-efficient enough to be affordable in the long run.”

Kevin D. Worth, Assistant Head of School for Operations, La Jolla Country Day School


  • ·       125 cameras scan for threats
  • ·       90% accuracy rate on image analysis
  • ·       83% faster response times

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