"Our Lenovo platform will support other vital data and services in the future it’s the most secure and efficient data hub for our organization."

Liu Enyuan ,

Project Manager, Henan Zhongtian
High Tech Smart Technology Co.,Ltd

Protecting highway toll revenues and enabling data-driven infrastructure projects with Lenovo.

Together, Lenovo, Henan Zhongtian High Tech Smart Technology Co., Ltd., and the Henan Province High Speed Networking Center use big data technology to monitor use of the region’s toll roads, automatically identify unregistered vehicles, and ensure all drivers pay the correct fares. A database running on a Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server and a Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F all NVMe flash storage cluster, connected to the public cloud, is used to store live video footage from the toll roads.

With storage performance of 450,000 input/output operations per second, Henan Zhongtian High Tech Smart Technology Co., Ltd. can analyze video footage in real time and accurately identify suspected toll evaders in high speed traffic, safeguarding toll revenues in Henan Province and contributing to better roads for all.

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