“With the ThinkEdge solution for NordFoU, we have demonstrated the value of AI for environmental protection. As organizations tackle more climate challenges, AI can help to build a more sustainable future.”

Nicholai Stålung

Vice President - Vision AI, Business Unit Leader, Trifork

Protecting biodiversity by monitoring the spread of invasive species

Invasive plant species are one of the primary causes of biodiversity loss. With the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 platform, Trifork developed an AI application to identify invasive plant species, enabling the Nordic Road Directorate to take measures to protect native ecosystems.

Customer Problem

Invasive plant species often spread along roadsides. To find a way to monitor and tackle the problem, the Nordic Road Directorate (NordFoU) turned to IT service provider Trifork.

Lenovo Solution

Trifork developed an automated system to detect invasive species, combining high-resolution cameras and an AI application running on the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 platform, powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Business Impact

With the Trifork solution, NordFoU teams have access to granular-level insights on the types and locations of non-native plants and can plan effective measures to stop them spreading.

“With clear data on where invasive species are spreading, NordFoU members can plan and implement more effective, targeted measures to protect biodiversity and the natural environment.”

Nicholai Stålung, Vice President - Vision AI, Business Unit Leader, Trifork


  • ·       Enables identification of invasive species
  • ·       Supports analysis of thousands of miles of roads
  • ·       Helps prevent spread of non-native plants

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