“In Lenovo, we haven’t just found a hardware provider, but a true partner. We can count on them for world-class technology and support, as well as advice on how to engage new clients more effectively and grow our business.”

Zhou Yunxian

Chairman, Bringbuys Cloud

A better way to grow across borders

With its new HCI platform, powered Lenovo and VMware, Bringbuys Cloud has built a much stronger technology backbone for its e-commerce offerings. The high-performing infrastructure can support the most demanding AI and data-intensive workloads—allowing clients to gain insight into large volumes of cross-border e-commerce data and make logistical, operational, and strategic decisions quickly. Equally, the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX appliances deliver impressive availability, ensuring that clients’ critical applications and data are available around the clock.

Crucially, Bringbuys Cloud now has the firm yet flexible IT foundations it needs to start growing into new areas. The company has outmanoeuvred public cloud uncertainty, gaining an HCI platform that combines on-premises control and security with private cloud agility. It adds up to a compelling proposition for clients, helping Bringbuys Cloud soar into new markets.

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