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Toner","bannerData":{"adobeId":"","background":{"t_id":"Page4130d4c9-dc85-4f0e-b091-84d7ca73203f","language":{"de_at":"","pt":"","ro_ro":"","en_th":"","hr":"","pt_br":"","hu":"","cs_cz":"","en_lb":"","en_lk":"","es_mx":"","sk_sk":"","es_es":"","id":"","en_tz":"","fr_tn":"","nl_be":"","sv_se":"","da_dk":"","it":"","zf":"","zh":"","fr_ma":"","ko_kr":"","en_us":"//","ja":"","en_uz":"","en_eg":"","fr_dz":"","ro":"","el_gr":"","it_it":"","pl_pl":"","ru":"","fr_be":"","bg":"","en_ao":"","en_au":"","tr_tr":"","en_az":"","ja_jp":"","de_de":"","de_ch":"","zh_hk":"","sk":"","en_jo":"","es_co":"","sl":"","en_bd":"","ru_uz":"","es_cl":"","sr":"","fr_ca":"","sv":"","ko":"","en_sa":"","en_sg":"","fr_ch":"","ru_md":"","cs":"","fi_fi":"","en_ke":"","th":"","en_ca":"","lv_lv":"","uk_ua":"","en_ch":"","tn":"","sl_si":"","da":"","en_cl":"","tr":"","pt_pt":"","de":"","lt":"","lv":"","en_ph":"","th_th":"","hu_hu":"","en_pk":"","ru_kz":"","uk":"","en_hk":"","mk":"","nl_nl":"","es_ar":"","el":"","sr_rs":"","en":"","es":"","ru_by":"","et":"","en_ie":"","hr_hr":"","vi":"","lt_lt":"","en_ae":"","en_in":"","en_il":"","no_no":"","nl":"","en_za":"","en_my":"","no":"","ru_ru":"","fi":"","fr":"","en_ng":"","fr_fr":"","zh_tw":"","ru_am":"","en_nz":"","es_pe":"","bg_bg":"","mk_mk":"","en_gb":"","en_gh":"","et_ee":"","en_ge":"","pl":""},"id":"Page4130d4c9-dc85-4f0e-b091-84d7ca73203f"},"mobileBackground":{"t_id":"Pagec1799430-d0cc-4f3b-a3b3-c773286fec0d","language":{"de_at":"","pt":"","ro_ro":"","en_th":"","hr":"","pt_br":"","hu":"","cs_cz":"","en_lb":"","en_lk":"","es_mx":"","sk_sk":"","es_es":"","id":"","en_tz":"","fr_tn":"","nl_be":"","sv_se":"","da_dk":"","it":"","zf":"","zh":"","fr_ma":"","ko_kr":"","en_us":"//","ja":"","en_uz":"","en_eg":"","fr_dz":"","ro":"","el_gr":"","it_it":"","pl_pl":"","ru":"","fr_be":"","bg":"","en_ao":"","en_au":"","tr_tr":"","en_az":"","ja_jp":"","de_de":"","de_ch":"","zh_hk":"","sk":"","en_jo":"","es_co":"","sl":"","en_bd":"","ru_uz":"","es_cl":"","sr":"","fr_ca":"","sv":"","ko":"","en_sa":"","en_sg":"","fr_ch":"","ru_md":"","cs":"","fi_fi":"","en_ke":"","th":"","en_ca":"","lv_lv":"","uk_ua":"","en_ch":"","tn":"","sl_si":"","da":"","en_cl":"","tr":"","pt_pt":"","de":"","lt":"","lv":"","en_ph":"","th_th":"","hu_hu":"","en_pk":"","ru_kz":"","uk":"","en_hk":"","mk":"","nl_nl":"","es_ar":"","el":"","sr_rs":"","en":"","es":"","ru_by":"","et":"","en_ie":"","hr_hr":"","vi":"","lt_lt":"","en_ae":"","en_in":"","en_il":"","no_no":"","nl":"","en_za":"","en_my":"","no":"","ru_ru":"","fi":"","fr":"","en_ng":"","fr_fr":"","zh_tw":"","ru_am":"","en_nz":"","es_pe":"","bg_bg":"","mk_mk":"","en_gb":"","en_gh":"","et_ee":"","en_ge":"","pl":""},"id":"Pagec1799430-d0cc-4f3b-a3b3-c773286fec0d"},"mobileHeadline":{"t_id":"Pageba12aade-ffc1-45a3-8904-bd999ac3138f","language":{"fr_ca":"","en_us":"Printer 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& Scanner Deals","en_ca":"Printer & Scanner Deals","en":"Printer & Scanner Deals"},"id":"Page4d5cb660-8787-4672-9ea4-6d1e5c768d6b"}},"urlEdit":0,"taxonomyTypeValue":"9","taxonomyType":"accessoryplp","userSegment":"","pagetype2":"","pagetype1":"","metaData":[],"tooltipStyle":"icon","pageComponentId":"4b64fdafx6384-4f2d-9fff-c96c96f46428","theme":"","robots":"","seriesPageCategoryCode":"","pageTypeName":"Accessory Category DLP Page","adobeCategory":"","isAssociatedRelease":"tpl","pageComponentDataLangCode":"en_us","navposkey":"pc_nav","subtaxonmy":"accessoryplp","productNumber":"","canonical":"","dlpDynamicField":[{"value":"","key":"saleNameVariable"},{"value":"","key":"endDateVariable"},{"value":"","key":"subjectVariablePlural"},{"value":"","key":"heroCopyVariable"}],"uri":"","productSegment":"idg","subjectVariable":"","backgroundImgHeight":"100%","jsFile":"","backgroundColors":"#ffffff","highlightToggle":"0","pageComponentUuid":"4b64fdafx6384-4f2d-9fff-c96c96f46428"}

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Save today on printer and document scanner machines from top brands like 

Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Ricoh & more. Shop inkjet, laser, all in one,

and multifunction printer models. Plus fast and versatile document scanners.

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Featured Products

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Printers, Scanners, Printer Toner, and Printer Supplies from Lenovo


Have you considered investing in the best printer and scanner? Although we live in a digital age, paper is still a necessity. It's a crucial part of our lives, and its importance can't be ignored. You may need it for your business, submit an essay for school, or share a flyer about an upcoming event. Whatever the reason, you should always have access to a reliable color printer.


Who wants to waste time and effort going to a printing or photocopy shop? Besides, it's more costly, especially if you print in bulk. You also can't forget that it exposes vital information to unauthorized users or snooping eyes.


That's why at Lenovo, we offer a wide range of printing technology to help you manage your paper needs. We understand the importance of being able to print high-quality documents. Also, we can't ignore the value of scanning your documents on the fly. No waiting, no commuting.


View our offerings to find the best printer scanner combo for your needs. You may prefer a multifunction printer that supports printing, scanning, photocopying, or fax. Or maybe you want a small color printer that gets the job done without taking up a lot of space. A compact and portable unit improves handling and movement. You can use it in different locations or even travel with it.


The right printer makes it easy to present documents that look professional or express your creativity (or both). It uses minimal resources, including time and energy. This helps to lower the running costs or overheads. In addition, it improves productivity since you'll be able to scan, print, or photocopy immediately.


It doesn't matter if you need a printer for the office or one that will let you work from the comfort of your home – Lenovo has you covered. Our goal is to equip you with the top printer products on the market so that you can accomplish your tasks quickly and seamlessly. We know your business will thrive by offering you a suitable printer fax scanner.


Printers to Use at Home


Having a printer at home can make your life so much easier. Just think of the benefits for students who may need to print copies of assignments, research papers, and presentation slides. Or the home business that you run offline or online- Printing invoices, letters, Local Purchase Orders (LPO), sketches, and diagrams, you name it.


Fortunately, Lenovo's selection of printers, toner, and printing accessories includes an extensive selection of printers for the home and home office. You'll find 3d printer scanners, laser units, multifunctional printers, and much more. All aim at improving service delivery by ensuring you furnish your clients/customers with documents on time.


An all-in-one color printer is a perfect tool for those who want to explore their creativity in a fun and convenient way. It handles several tasks and thus saves you the hassle of purchasing different units. You can print out recipes to try in the kitchen, borders for your scrapbook, or even some coloring pages for hours of fun.


Producing physical representations of images and sketches becomes more accessible as a freelance designer. Using a portable printer scanner for a parent, guardian, or sibling allows you to help your child, sibling, or any other person. Scanning images and printing them in an art class – the possibilities are practically endless.


Do you have a bunch of photos on your devices that you wish you could print out and hang up around your home? Maybe it's a family photo you took while camping at the nearby park or a family vacation during summer. Or you would love to frame the picture of you and your workmates during the retirement/ farewell party. If so, a color laser printer is an ideal solution. It allows you to easily print photos, make holiday cards, or design a newsletter without paying for a third party to process it for you.


Lenovo offers many options to suit different needs and wishes. You may want a simple unit that won't burn holes in your pocket. Or prefer a multifunctional accessory with printer scanner copier fax options. If your space isn't much or you move around often, you may find a compact portable unit ideal.


Another option: a wireless color printer – perfect for today's shift to remote work. The ways we do business have changed, so having access to quality, connected printers at home can make all the difference. Gone is the era where you depended on a shop or professional. Nowadays, you can do the tasks right from home. Improving technology ensures you get professional results. The printers have also become smaller, lighter, and much faster.


You can download images online or scan a picture or documents. Send documents to print from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet without even getting up from the couch. Plus, there's no worry about plugging in cables or interrupting your productivity. A wireless option improves the surrounding since there are no loose wires. Besides, it's unlikely that you'll trip on a cable or accidentally plug out the printer.


Printers for the Office


The modern office has become quite busy. However, the space is becoming smaller as people try to cut down costs. Trying to fit a large bulky photocopier is challenging. The limited space also means you can't have a separate printer, fax machine, scanner, or copier.


The Lenovo lineup of printers, printer toner, and printing products can also help you keep your office running. Whether you manage your own business or work for a large organization, you must have a printer that can keep up -- and scale as your demands grow. The laser printer with a scanner is a popular choice for people looking for very professional results. For a small office with lesser needs, an inkjet unit is sufficient.


When searching for the right choice, you need to have several things in mind. Consider all the things you need to print to manage your operations: contracts, vendor invoices, legal documents, and more. How much space do you have? What work or task will you be handling?


If you usually print text documents, a 3d scanner for 3d printer might be overkill. It's most ideal for users focusing on graphical representations or visual3D objects. Moreover, it will cost more, yet you won't optimize it.


When you invest in the best multifunction printer you can buy, you can handle all that and more. Scanning, printing, photocopying, and even sending the fax will be done from the same point. You'll save space, time, money, and effort too. Manage your paper – and all the paper-related parts of your business – with ease.


We have several printers that include additional features specifically designed to boost productivity. For example, you can use a multifunction laser printer to resize documents, create double-sided copies, and scan images directly to your network or device.


The large selection of Makerbot, Brother, and Canon printer scanners offer you versatility. The above brands have been on the scene for an extended period. Over the years, they have built an excellent reputation. Reviews from consumers and analysts have been encouraging. You'll be at ease knowing you have the best product as a user.


To cater to unique and different requirements, the printers are varied. The software will vary based on which printer you choose. Most printer software includes drivers to simplify the printer's interface and give you access to important features such as character recognition and automatic cloud storage. Setting up and installing programs is easy. The printers come with all the necessary parts and will be up and running in no time.


Convenient Printers to Boost Productivity


You may associate printing documents with manual and inconvenient tasks, but that's not the case with printing technology from Lenovo. We offer convenient, productivity-boosting wireless printers in all varieties, such as laser, LED, or inkjet.


A wireless printer allows you to optimize your productivity. You don't need to fumble around with cable connections or bulky adapters. Likewise, you can easily print from multiple devices throughout the day, so you can shift from working on your phone to your laptop without skipping a beat.


Each printer or accessory may have unique setup requirements to establish the necessary connection to your wireless network, but once you complete the process, everything should work seamlessly. As long as your PC or other device is connected to the same network as the printer, you can scan and print documents from anywhere. The setup process is easy, even for a newbie. Besides, the included user guide and CD-ROM improve the experience.


Our multifunction printers also include the tools you need to maximize efficiency. Print double-sided documents, send scanned documents or other files to clients, or store your document data in the cloud – all using the same multifunction printer. The technology is designed to be fast, so you won't need to wait around for your presentation slides to print or a document to upload. Another thing is that the running costs are low, thus suitable even for an individual, student, or for home use.


Buy Top Printer Brands from Lenovo


Choosing the right printer can be key to the success of your business or simplify your life at home. That's why Lenovo offers the best names in printing:


Depending on your needs, you can choose from impressive technology like a Lexmark color laser printer or a Canon multifunction printer. These models range from affordable devices that don't sacrifice quality to powerful laser models that can handle printing dozens of pages each minute. Canon laser printer with scanner Delivers amazing results, making it a go-to choice for professionals.


More options: a large color printer with a scanner and copier or a small Wi-Fi printer that you can easily fit on your desk at home. In addition to conserving space, a portable printer scanner is easy to carry and move around with. As a freelancer or student, you'll find such an option ideal.


Not only are these printers equipped with the top technology available, but they're also manufactured by brands that you know and trust. These companies lead the home and office printing industry in quality, durability, and performance, so you know that your investment in the best printer you can buy will be worth it.


Inkjet Printers


Inkjet printers are some of the most popular models for casual or at-home use. They work by spraying small droplets of ink onto the paper, producing high-quality images and prints. While these machines are lightweight and inexpensive, replacing the ink cartridges can cost quite a bit. As such, these are best for low-volume printing. Inkjet printers offered by Lenovo can produce both black-and-white and color images, making them suitable for any type of printing project.


Inkjet printers and scanners come in all shapes and functionality. What may appeal to another user may not suit you. A multifunctional unit with a printer scanner, copier fax is a good pick for a person who wants to spend the least money. It also serves a user with a small space.


Multifunction Printers


A multifunction printer is ideal for a small office or business because it offers the most comprehensive capabilities available. From making copies and scanning documents to printing hundreds of pages per job and connecting to your wireless network, these devices can do it all. Likewise, you can find multifunction printers in any variety. That means you can choose from an LED, laser, or inkjet machine based on how you intend to use the printer.


When you think of the top devices in this category, your mind likely jumps to a Xerox printer. They are well known for providing impressive printing solutions and unparalleled multifunction productivity, with print speeds up to 36 pages per minute. Plus, configuring these machines is a breeze.


Compact Printers


If space is an issue for you or you need a smaller machine, Lenovo carries compact printers as well. These small printers can also be multifunctional but fit into almost any space, thanks to their sleek design. They are lighter than most other alternatives and easy to transport and store.


Setting up this type of printer is simple, too, so you start working faster and easily sync your laptop or smartphone. Although compact, they work pretty well. The printing speed, color gamut, and quality are decent.


Laser Printers


A laser printer is just what it sounds like – it uses lasers to melt toner powder onto each page. These devices tend to be larger than inkjet printers, but the print speeds are much faster. Similarly, the cost per page can be lower, so it is perfect for those that need to print large volumes regularly.


Many laser printers can print in color, but the quality is not as great when compared to other models. However, they excel at producing crisp, monochrome text documents. You can't go wrong with a black and white laser printer that supports automatic duplex and letter-size/legal-size printing.


LED Printers


LED printer fax scanners are relatively new in the market. They use light to melt toner, much like a laser printer. However, they are much more durable since they have fewer moving parts. The quality is quite good, although the cost is slightly higher than an inkjet.


Improving technology and stiff completion is making the prices more competitive. An individual or home user will find a suitable option. With fast print speeds and large volume capabilities, an LED printer can meet all your home or office needs.


Printer Toner and Printing Supplies from Lenovo


Once you've found the perfect printer for your house or office setup, don't forget toner and other printing supplies.


Lenovo offers everything you need to keep your printer operational, from drum cartridges and toner to ink refills. In other words, we're your one-stop-shop for your printing needs.


Ink Refills


Your simple printer or printer scanner combo won't work without ink, so you must keep enough Canon ink refills on hand. The pigment in these refills is designed to create sharp, crisp images. And it has never been easier to replace ink cartridges, thanks to an easy-to-use design that doesn't require you to squeeze them. Plus, some bottles have also been built with a special keyed shape to ensure that each color only fits in the appropriate ink tank. So, the days of fumbling around and guessing where each color goes are long gone.


Laser Printer Toner


Toner is a crucial component for any laser printer, whether Canon, MakerBot, or brother printer scanner. At Lenovo, we can help keep you fully stocked. For example, our Xerox toner comes directly from the original manufacturer, helping you get the performance, safety, and reliability you deserve for an affordable price. Plus, we make ordering simple and convenient.


Drum Cartridges


Using incompatible toners and cartridges can put your device at risk. You may experience poor color output, reduced page yields, or even breakdown – so you need to equip your printer with manufacturer-recommended drum cartridges. They are optimized for use in these printers and are significantly more reliable than non-genuine alternatives.


The Lenovo Advantage


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Which is the best printer scanner copier for home use?

When it comes to choosing a printer scanner copier for home use, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about how you'll be using the machine. If you only need to print documents occasionally, a simple inkjet printer will suffice. However, if you'll be doing a lot of copying and scanning, you'll need a machine that can handle those tasks quickly and easily. Another important consideration is cost. Laser printers tend to be more expensive than inkjet printers, but they generally provide higher-quality prints. Finally, take a look at the features each machine offers. Some models come with built-in fax machines and wireless connectivity, while others have more basic features. By taking all of these factors into account, you'll be able to choose the best printer scanner copier for your home office.

Which all-in-one printer is best for home use?

Trying to decide which all-in-one printer to buy for your home office? Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the best decision. First, consider what types of documents you'll be printing most often. If you need to print mainly text documents, then you'll want a printer that offers high-quality text printing. However, if you'll be printing mostly photos, then you'll want a printer with photo-quality output. Second, think about how much you're willing to spend. Third, decide what features are most important to you. Some features to look for include wireless connectivity, automatic two-sided printing, and the ability to print on various types of paper. Once you've considered these factors, you should be well on your way to finding the best all-in-one printer for your home office.

What are all-in-one printers?

An all-in-one printer is a device that combines a printer, scanner, and copier into one compact unit. This type of printer is ideal for small offices or home users who need to be able to print, scan, and copy documents on a regular basis. All-in-one printers are available in both inkjet and laser models, and they can typically be connected to a computer via USB or Wi-Fi. Many all-in-one printers also support mobile printing, so you can print documents from your smartphone or tablet. If you're looking for an affordable and convenient way to handle all your printing needs, an all-in-one printer is the way to go.

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