“As an electric vehicle company, we’re committed to building a more sustainable tomorrow. With scalable and efficient IT and OT managed by Lenovo, we can optimize our infrastructure as we grow to make sure that we only use the resources that we really need to succeed.”


 Leading automotive company

Driving full-throttle innovation with responsive IT services

This automotive manufacturer plans to change travel as we know it by bringing semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles to roads around the world. The company engaged Lenovo Managed Services to establish a solid IT foundation for its ambitious growth goals.

Customer Problem

The automotive manufacturer struggled to manage its complex IT landscape, comprising thousands of endpoints and a mix of on-premises and cloud environments.

Lenovo Solution

With Lenovo Managed Services, the company gets a one-stop service for all its IT and OT needs—from desktops in its showrooms to manufacturing systems on the assembly line.

Business Impact

Because Lenovo manages its IT environment, the automotive manufacturer benefits from reduced IT costs and can spend more time on product development.

“Teaming up with Lenovo has lifted a weight from our shoulders. Lenovo Managed Services gives us reliable, highly efficient IT and OT that help us to keep our business running smoothly.”

Spokesperson, leading automotive company


  • ·       Reduces IT costs
  • ·       Facilities international growth
  • ·       Ensures always-on availability 

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