“With our Lenovo edge solutions, we can analyze video footage right at the time and place that it’s created—allowing our employees to investigate possible manufacturing issues before they impact our production lines.”

Corrado La Forgia


Analyzing data at the edge to keep production lines rolling

Using Lenovo technologies and OEM solutions, powered by NVIDIA® T4 GPUs, to analyze video feeds of manufacturing equipment, act on potential issues fast, and deliver high-quality products to automotive clients on time.

Customer Problem

With numerous standalone traditional PCs—not designed for the manufacturing environment—to maintain, VHIT faced considerable challenges in managing and maintaining its IT estate.

Lenovo Solution

VHIT selected purpose-built Lenovo edge computing solutions. Lenovo partnered with Lynx Software Technologies to harness its LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial software offering—part of the Lenovo OEM ecosystem of solutions for smart manufacturing.

Business Impact

By implementing robust industrial solutions, VHIT has boosted the reliability of its production systems, improving availability. The company is also driving a double-digit percentage improvement in IT management efficiency.

“The edge solutions from Lenovo send machine-learning insights directly to our MES—allowing our employees to make better-informed decisions, faster.”

Corrado La Forgia, CEO, VHIT


  • ·       Enables machine learning at the edge
  • ·       Minimizes operations downtime
  • ·       Reduces IT operational costs

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