“When customers call the Lenovo contact center, agents use a custom-developed AI tool to help identify which parts we should dispatch for the repair. The tool bases its recommendations on a massive dataset of past repairs—including fine-grained data on the symptoms of the issue, the customer’s location, the time of the year the problem was reported, and the parts used to solve the issue.”

Sunil Kumar

Head of Data and Analytics – Infrastructure Support Services at Lenovo

Lenovo delivers faster, better field services for customers with AI​

Globally, consumer expectations around the responsiveness and quality of customer support are growing. Today, customers expect the ability to quickly connect with their service provider, engage with knowledgeable representatives, and rapidly receive solutions to their issues.

As the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo understands the importance of delivering the best possible customer support experience. This article highlights how Lenovo transformed its approach to field services across APAC, including a brand-new and comprehensive training program for engineers and an AI-powered parts recommendation tool. This innovative project is already making a big impact: the company has boosted first-time-right repairs by 26% and lifted customer satisfaction by 3.4%.

While this Lenovo project is focused on PC repairs, the solutions we have developed could deliver excellent results for any business with field service operations.

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