“When we did some initial proof-of-concept work with Cloud Servers Australia on their Lenovo TruScale stack, we thought at first that something must have gone wrong because the performance improvement was so massive! We realized that this would be the perfect fit for our needs, and we wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible.”

Patrick Blume

Chief Technology Officer, Covaler

Slashing time to insight for clients

Covaler, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, proudly serves clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their expertise lies in start to end workflow enhancement. From designing, optimizing, building, and managing cutting-edge technology platforms, Covaler is able to provide a long-term solution to enhance workflow processes. Working across diverse industries, from major banks to large-scale leisure companies, Covaler’s agile and adaptive approach ensures future-proof tailored solutions. 

Committed to data integrity, Covaler delivers ultra-secure solutions empowering their clients to unlock growth and elevate their capabilities. As earlier mentioned, futureproofing is at the heart of Covaler’s services, ensuring seamless technology advancements with minimal disruption to their clients. Comprehensive maintenance services push Covaler’s clients ahead of the competition, in a rapidly evolving threat, compliance, and security landscape. Covaler is Australia’s secure innovative technology safehouse.

Patrick Blume, Chief Technology Officer at Covaler, takes up the story: “We aim to empower clients to maximize the business value of their data by building solutions that quickly connect people with data insights. While we serve a wide range of sectors, we have a significant footprint in the financial services space—and for these clients, any service interruption can have a big impact on business operations.”

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