“We have set a very high bar with Lenovo and Nutanix. Our engineering design cloud is now an industry benchmark, and has brought many benefits to CEI in terms of quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency gains.”

Senior Engineer

China Petroleum East China Institute of Design

Fueling top performance for demanding large-scale design workloads.

China Petroleum East China Institute of Design (CEI) was established in 1974 and is affiliated with China National Petroleum Corporation Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd. CEI is a technology and design-led company providing consulting, research and development, design, procurement, construction management, startup, and operation services. A domestic leader in general contract engineering for the petroleum refining and chemical engineering fields, CEI boasts Grade-A qualifications for engineering design, engineering consulting, and engineering cost consulting.

To date, CEI has provided critical design and construction support for more than 1,000 large and medium-sized oil refining and chemical production plants both nationally and abroad, as well as more than 300 oil and gas storage, transportation, and field surface engineering projects.

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