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Lenovo AI Innovators program

AI Innovators

Partner Ecosystem

Partnering with best-in-class AI software companies to deliver better AI solutions for our customers.

Our AI innovators program aims to maximize alignment between hardware engineering and AI software design and performance. By collaborating with the industry’s most innovative AI software companies, we help you deploy AI more rapidly, and with increased confidence.


Collaborating with the best in AI, makes us, and our customers, better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing almost every industry, but many organizations still struggle getting their AI initiatives up and running.

The complexity of an AI implementation can certainly be challenging. Together with the roadblocks that occur with the adoption of any new technology, it often involves new categories of software and hardware many organizations are unfamiliar with. Even procuring the best hardware and software on the market, may not guarantee success, if they don’t play well together.

Lenovo navigates these challenges by working closely with leading AI software companies, through the Lenovo AI Innovators program. The program provides our software partners access to Lenovo AI expertise and AI-Ready infrastructure, facilitating the alignment of hardware engineering with software performance.

The result—Lenovo provides customers with proven, ready-to-deploy infrastructure solutions optimized for industry-leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and designed to scale. We help you harness the value of your data, deploying AI to transform your business, experiencing a smoother transition and more predictable outcomes.


Benefits of the Lenovo AI Innovators program

Ready when you are

Partners access Lenovo AI-ready infrastructure

Working with our AI Innovator partners, we fine-tune our AI-ready, best-in-class servers to help ensure rapid ROI and ongoing success for our mutual customers.
Turning data into knowledge

Partners leverage Lenovo AI expertise and ecosystem

Our ecosystem includes AI centers of excellence, serving 180 countries and more than 20,000 business partners, for customized proofs of concept.
Performance through partnership

Collaboration brings customers rapid deployment

By providing, performance-optimized AI-ready solutions across various industries, we ensure customers can deploy AI faster, and more confidently.

Lenovo AI Innovator partner solutions

Solutions built with the Lenovo AI Innovators program.

Smartia customer story.


Lenovo AI & NVIDIA partnered with Graymatics to offer a leading solution for video-based analytics. LabVista is their multi-industry solution, leveraging existing CCTV cameras to provide deep insights on workplace safety, efficiency and compliance.
Smartia customer story.


The manufacturing and engineering industry produces masses of operational data. Lenovo AI and Intel teamed with Smartia to provide AI solutions that allow consumers of industrial data to quickly generate actionable insights for agile and strategic business decisions.
 Sunlight customer story.

Lenovo AI and Intel partnered with to develop Quick Service Restaurant solutions to meet new industry norms. Customers get touchless ordering and smart drive-thrus; operators get apps that speed up ordering and fulfilment, all powered by AI.
WaitTime customer story


Lenovo AI and Intel partnered with WaitTime, to build a crowd intelligence solution using real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behavior. The software monitors and engages with crowds to makes spaces like malls, conference centers, and sports stadiums, both safer and more efficient.


Getting started with AI


Getting started with AI

Data is the key to unlocking insights that drive automation. For data-centered customers, insights are everything - improving efficiency, profitability, and increasing revenue - ultimately giving your organization a competitive edge.
virtual briefing

Briefing Centers

Lenovo Briefing Centers

Most executives find digital transformation challenging. But it doesn't have to be. Meet our AI experts in the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center to learn how our solutions can help you set your organization up for success.
Explore our workshops


Explore our workshops

When IT budgets are tight, faster implementation and insights mean speedier time-to-value. Lenovo AI experts can help with customized options that meet business and response-time goals to drive your business forward.
Analytics & AI Solutions

Analytics & AI Solutions

Lenovo Analytics & AI

Taking Analytics & AI from the realm of research to reality. We’ve simplified the adoption process, with optimized infrastructure, proven expertise, and pre-validated solutions, to power your enterprise.

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