"With excellent support from both Lenovo, we are very confident in our ability to provide uninterrupted support for our customers' increasingly demanding financial lives.”


Leading Indian bank

Delivering financial inclusion through fast, reliable in-branch and mobile banking.

This Indian bank offers in-branch, internet, and mobile banking alongside debit cards, ATMs, foreign exchange, and money transfer services. The bank plays a significant role in supporting the national objective of financial inclusion for the whole population of India

Building on its mission to increase financial inclusion, the bank is going from strength to strength, developing new services and opening new branches. All this growth, combined with increasing activity from existing customers, creates constant pressure on the bank's IT resources. Alongside core banking databases running on proprietary hardware, the bank had many x86 servers running the core banking applications and a wide array of important ancillary services such as the ATM network and mobile banking. The proliferation of these physical servers in the data center was pushing up costs not only for hardware but also for electricity and cooling. Equally, the data center was increasingly difficult to manage and scale, and there were significant demands around monitoring and maintenance for the sprawling x86 infrastructure.

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