“We’re looking forward to working with Lenovo as we further enhance our workspaces to support greater productivity and collaboration. Thanks to Lenovo technology, we can easily keep up with rapidly evolving BIM software, which frees up more time to focus on innovating and delivering excellent service to our clients.”

Balázs Molnár

CEO, Studio IN-EX

Helping design state-of-the-art buildings

Founded in 2010, Studio IN-EX is a leading architecture firm that offers integrated architectural and engineering services for industrial, healthcare, and commercial clients. Headquartered in Hungary, the company operates across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and boasts an impressive portfolio of architectural innovations.

Whether Studio IN-EX is designing a data center in Germany or creating a new next-generation office building in Hungary, its team of 150 professionals work tirelessly to plan and test every aspect of a new building meticulously.

To ensure precision and excellence on every commission, Studio IN-EX creates highly detailed virtual designs using specialized Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. BIM enables engineers from a wide range of disciplines to work together to create a single virtual model of a structure. As well as outlining every aspect of a new building in minute detail, BIM enables Studio IN-EX to simulate how a building will behave in real-world scenarios, for instance, to see how it might respond to different weather events or to assess its running costs.

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