“Many of the latest scientific discoveries are as much about the computing power used to analyze experimental data as they are about the theories behind them. Our new Lenovo cluster, featuring AMD EPYC™ CPUs and AMD Radeon™ GPUs, delivers the capacity and performance researchers need to seek answers to questions about our universe.” 

Roel Aaij,

Scientific Staff Member, Nikhef

Deepening our understanding of the universe

Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, conducts research into the elementary building blocks of our universe, their mutual forces, and the structure of space and time. Centered around accelerator-based particle physics and astroparticle physics, other major research areas include gravitational waves and the existence of dark matter.

Roel Aaij, Scientific Staff Member at Nikhef, confirms: “We perform blue-sky research to learn more about the nature of the universe and the building blocks of matter.”

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