“Healthcare is an incredibly IT-intensive business. Our teams need fast, round-the-clock access to dozens of systems and supporting data. This makes our choice of underlying hardware platforms critically important.”

Brad Myrvold

Manager Desktop Technology, Allina Health

Delivering exceptional care for today’s and tomorrow’s patients

For 20+ years, Allina Health has trusted Lenovo devices to support MRIs, medical records, and more. Now, the two partners are working to build the hospital of the future, with next-gen clinical and administrative services running on cutting-edge Lenovo tech.

Customer Problem

To provide millions of patients with top-quality care, Allina Health needs critical clinical and administrative systems to run rapidly and reliably around the clock.

Lenovo Solution

Building on a tried-and-tested Lenovo hardware backbone, the organization will use next-gen Lenovo devices to support patients and physicians in the hospital of the future.

Business Impact

Supports outstanding patient experiences and fuels healthcare innovation, helping Allina Health remain at the forefront of care delivery.

“We know we can rely on Lenovo solutions to support excellent patient care.”

Brad Myrvold, Manager Desktop Technology, Allina Health


  • ·       Powers high-quality patient experiences
  • ·       Always-on availability for vital systems
  • ·       Supports future healthcare innovation

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